Keeping That Summer Glow In Your Fall Skincare Routine

Keeping That Summer Glow In Your Fall Skincare Routine

Like most people, my skin type changes according to the weather. I tend to be on the drier side in the fall, so it’s even more important for me to use products that keep my skin hydrated. Over the years, I’ve tried multiple different skincare products and routines and nothing has ever given me the results that I wanted. I’m always left with either more dry patches or clogged pores from a moisturizer that was too heavy. I thought that there must be something I’m doing wrong in my routine if literally nothing has worked for me yet.

Now that the temperature is starting to drop this was the perfect time for me to try something new before it gets too cold. I’m so happy to say that I’ve finally figured out a solution and routine that works for me. The best part is that it was so simple and I didn’t have to change a thing that I was doing. After a short trip to LUSH, I found one of the best face masks that I’ve tried yet! It’s called the “Don’t Look At Me” fresh facial mask and is $12.95 in stores. It has small rice grounds that scrub away the dry patches while the rest of the mask hydrates. This is important because its hard for a product to moisturize if the dryness isn’t properly exfoliated first.  The fact that this mask can do both (…get you a mask that can do both! lol) is such a surprise to me. I’ve always only heard of products that are good at one or the other.

To use, I leave the blue mixture on my skin for 10 minutes, rinse it off with warm water and apply my regular moisturizer. After a full two weeks, I noticed that my skin is much more vibrant and glowy naturally. The only downside is that it only lasts for two weeks and it has to be refrigerated at all times. If you’re familiar with LUSH products, then you know that they make all of their skincare fresh and from natural ingredients.This mask uses fresh lemon juice, murumuru butter and silken tofu for that two-in-one effect I mentioned. Keeping it in a dry cool place will preserve these ingredients and their effectiveness. It may be a little pricey to buy every two weeks during the winter but I’m planning on repurchasing whenever I need to because it’s seriously that great!

Skincare products react differently to everyone’s skin but I recommend giving this a try if you deal with seasonl dryness like me. It is super gentle and will nourish your skin with natural ingredients at the very least. If you happen to try this out or have something that works better for you, please also let me know! As a beauty junkie I will always be interested in finding that one holy grail product.

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