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It’s no secret that I do a lot of online shopping. This usually entails browsing through hundreds of web pages for weeks until I find the perfect item. Things like price, brand, retailer, style, quality and sometimes reviews are taken into account before I make a final purchase. I finally had the idea that all of my research shouldn’t go unshared. So, this new series will be a round up of the key pieces I’m coveting and the specific items in consideration for the shopping cart. Your weekly guide to the best of the best picks found online.


Sometimes missing out on an item that goes out of stock is a good thing. Last week I was obsessed with the oversized faux shearling (teddy) coat from And Other Stories but wasn’t able to get my hands on it before it sold out online. I then went to both of their NYC locations and was disappointed when I couldn’t find it in my size. I was still dead set on buying a teddy coat so I shopped around until I found this beauty from Mango. I have to say, the look and quality is much better than the one I intended to buy. You can tell how happy I am to have found the teddy coat of my dreams!

Unfortunately, it is also sold out online now 🙁 I guess that shows how popular these coats are. But, I did some more digging and found other great options to buy below. Don’t ever fear missing out on an item – I promise there will always be better out there.

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