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When the warm weather finally came around, I started to shop for new pieces to freshen up my wardrobe. I was especially looking for a pair of go-to sandals to replace my favorites from last year that are now sad and unwearable. The variations of strappy sandals and mules caught my attention since I’m a huge fan of the 90s revival trends. The pair I’m wearing here have been sold out for weeks but I diligently checked the website for updates on their return. One lucky day, I received an email that my size was available and I quickly purchased them before anyone else had the chance.

I have to say that these shoes are everything I hoped they would be. The mismatched straps give the style an updated and more modern feel while the structure and heel shape allow it to still have a 90s vibe. It’s been on my mind to buy shoes in colors other than black since since I can never seem to stray from it. Seriously though – my entire shoe collection is 80% black but whose isn’t?? However, I’m happy to be adding some brightness to my summer outfits as we head into the season.

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