As you may see from my Instagram posts I have tried and worn lot of different styles and trends over the years. This is because I usually like to dress according to my mood (hence the blog name in a fashion mood) and that varies day to day and year to year. I don’t like to be limited to any one style but this can create a problem sometimes. I’ve found over the years that having a wide range of styles in my closet kind of makes my wardrobe confusing. At one point I felt like I was lacking certain items all because I was in a different phases and didn’t find my current clothes that interesting. What I’ve found is helpful now is mixing styles in every outfit.

It’s been so much fun creating looks with pieces I already have in my closet along with newer and trendier items. This allows me to shop for new and hot items like I want to and integrate the pieces in my wardrobe seamlessly. It all makes much more sense to have a balance and I don’t feel like I have a bunch of out of place clothes every season. By staying true to myself and what I like and only adding in certain trends, I’m able to have options for every mood and still have those quality classic pieces to rewear.

This is my straightforward guide for anyone who wants to have a more defined style that can easily stay fresh without being overloaded by outdated trends. 


My first piece of advice is to go through your current wardrobe and see what styles are the most common. Stick to those few styles and donate anything that is too trendy or out of style. There are three categories that I interchange often and that define my style. 

Classic feminine styles are the backbone of my wardrobe. I will always keep quality blazers, wool and trench coats, sweaters, button down shirts, clean denim and black heels and boots. These are the tried and true pieces that I wear almost every day. I’m ok with spending a little more money on these items since quality is important for them to last. The more laidback and athletic side of my personality comes out in the second category. This style includes athletic wear like sneakers, leggings, sweats, baseball hats, bomber jackets etc. These are things I would wear for my workout classes but they also work well with paired with classic pieces. And last, I’ve always loved a more moody and edgy style. This includes pieces like leather jackets and pants, anything black, distressed denim, and combat boots.

Find out what works best for you and your lifestyle as these categories are going to be different for everyone. 


I like to keep my outfits balanced by picking 2 styles to play around with at a time. I will either choose one element that is the main focus of the outfit and pair it with other pieces from the 2nd category OR wear equal parts from the two different categories. 

For example, one of my favorite combinations to wear is a trench coat or wool coat over my gym attire. You can see this style in the photos below. In this look, the plaid trench coat is paired with leather leggings and a cropped sweater and sneakers. The base of the look is more athleisure while the trench coat on top is classic element.


Whenever I buy new items I try my best to stay within these categories. One simple way to do this is to ask yourself how many outfits you can see yourself wearing with the particular new item that you want. If you can only come up with one specific way you want to wear the item then keep in mind that it may be a waste of money in the long run. If it’s something that really gets you excited then it could justify the purchase. But if it doesn’t, then don’t waste your money. It’s much more economical to buy quality pieces first and spend less on fast fashion. I’d rather buy variations of the staples clothes I wear all time to keep my wardrobe fresh and updated. If leather jackets are your style, switching it up with different lengths, fits and colors of the season should keep things interesting for you. 

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