As much as I love fashion and sharing my personal style, I also love beauty, fitness and wellness and decided I want to post about these topics more on my blog and socials.

Specifically speaking, plant based eating has been a part of my lifestyle since about 2015. I haven’t been 100% perfect but I’ve always been committed to making it a habit for myself and my family at home.

Today, I’m sharing with you an easy veggie burger recipe from Minimalist Baker that I absolutely love. It was my go-to some years back and I decided to try it out again and was so impressed. I will definitely be making these again!

It does take a good amount of time to prepare and cook but the end result is worth it. The flavor is very intense (in a good way) and I found the mixture held together really well when cooking on the frying pan. I just added baby spinach, pickles and extra barbecue sauce to tie everything together. The video of my preparing the burgers is saved in my Instagram stories highlights titled “PLANT BASED” if you’d like to check out a step by step process.

Full recipe: HERE


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