If you haven’t noticed already, I took a break from blogging because I’ve been pregnant for the last six months! It’s definitely been a whirlwind of emotions and changes that I’ve learned to manage and enjoy. The biggest change has been physically getting bigger and learning how to dress for my new and growing body. It sounds like it wouldn’t be that serious, but until you’ve experienced waking up one morning to NONE of your clothes fitting anymore you wouldn’t understand how frustrating and impactful of a change it is. Getting dressed is the start of the day and when you have the unnecessary stress of wondering what to wear it can bring your whole mood down. I wasn’t going to let continue for long so with some trial and error, I decided on with a few staple pieces that are not only flattering on the growing bump but also comfortable and stylish.

Stretchy Midi Dresses:

I’ve always loved slip on midi dresses and during my pregnancy they’ve really helped me maintain my style and stay comfortable. As we get closer to summer, I see myself wearing dresses of all types pretty much every day. Maternity pants/jeans just didn’t work out for me.

Trench Coats:

These are a springtime staple for most women but I’ve found them to be so flattering on a pregnant woman’s body. Paired with a midi dress or skirt, trench coats are my daily got-to during my morning commute to work and when the weather is windy or cooler.

Cargo Pants & Track Pants:

The only pants that I’ve felt comfortable in are track pants, cargo pants, sweat, etc. because they’re baggy and look best when worn low on your hips. When you have a growing baby bump, you don’t want anything to feel constricting around your waist. It’s important to have some breathing room so you can move freely.


Early in my pregnancy, before my belly was the size of a basketball, I wore a lot of the jumpsuits that I have in my closet. I would highly recommend them for 1st trimester mommies who are in colder climates and can’t just thrown on a dress. They usually have some room in the midsection and will look great on growing curves.

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