You definitely don’t have to shop designer for a great quality bag that will last you years! Don’t get me wrong, we all love classic designer handbags and even the trendy ones. But it’s nice to have options without breaking the bank. I currently don’t shop for any bags over $400-$500 so that basically eliminates most designer items. I mean, if someone were to drop a Balenciaga City Bag at my front door I would be ecstatic! But overall, I don’t think it’s worth it because just like all clothing, handbags lose their value the second you leave the store with it (unless it’s Chanel or Hermes).

Shopping from smaller brands allows you to try out new trends without spending crazy amounts of money on an item that won’t last past a few season of wear. Trends come and go and the worst feeling is being stuck with expensive pieces that are dated. I have bags that I don’t reach for anymore, but knowing that I didn’t spend thousands of dollars on them gives me peace of mind that I wouldn’t have otherwise. And when the time comes that those bags become more popular, I’m sure they will still be in great condition to rock again!

Of course, everyone has a different perspective and is allowed to wear what they want when they want. This is just my current take. I could change my mind in a few years but this is how I like to curate pieces in my wardrobe in order to stay on top of trends and wear things I love.

Some of my favorite more affordable handbags right now are from By Far, House of Want, Staud and others. Check the carousel below to see the ones I’ve been eyeing!

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